BRAID Quarterly Workshops

Our BRAID Network meets every quarter, with the purpose of forging a close professional community, and learning together. Our sessions serve to inform and inspire. Typically, we take a big picture outlook on a particular topic of interest, and then follow-up with an applied exercise, asking “what will this mean for me/my team/my work on Monday morning?” Our Workshops are led by some of the most distinguished individuals currently operating in the design/innovation space. Examples of our Workshops are found below.


Digital Innovation and Transformation

Featuring: Teddy Zmrhal, Senior Managing Director, Salesforce &
Greg La Blanc, Faculty in Finance, Strategy, and Law, Berkeley-Haas

Description: Let’s talk Digital Innovation and Transformation!

In his talk, entitled, “The Evolution of Innovation at Salesforce”, Teddy Zmrhal will take us on a journey of a truly customer-centric service model. Greg La Blanc will offer strategic insights on what it means to transform your organization into either a service or platform company. We’ll also practice a related activity to help you better understand how to create opportunities within your own organization.


Data, Design & Innovation

Featuring: Jeremy Stanley, VP of Data Science, Instacart &
Tom Lee, Director of Data Science, Berkeley-Haas

Description: We’ll hear from Jeremy Stanley, VP of Data Science at Instacart, and Tom Lee, Director of Data Science for the Berkeley-Haas Center for Business Analytics and faculty in Operations and IT Management. Tom also served as a data science fellow at frog design.

We’ll learn how data can be used to drive innovation efforts, including how data sets can be creatively combined to reframe user experiences. Additionally, Professor Lee will lead us in a formal exercise to redesign user experiences through the lens of data flow. Altogether, we will have a conversation about how to incorporate data, and data scientists, into your innovation work.


Motivation and Creativity

Featuring: Sara Beckman, Earl F. Cheit Faculty Fellow, Berkeley-Haas &
Barry Schwartz, Visiting Professor, Berkeley-Haas

Description: Whatever cognitive conditions are established to facilitate creativity, results will be disappointing unless attention is paid to motivation. Creative work requires sustained attention and effort and willingness to risk failure. For people to exert this kind of effort, and take these kinds of risks, they must be motivated by the meaning and significance of the project. Bonuses, promotions, and stock options may be easy to administer, but they are all inferior to the motives of people who are mission-driven.

Ken Goldberg

Next Generation Brainstorming

Ken Goldberg, Professor of Engineering and Information, UC Berkeley

Location: Accenture Technology Labs, San Jose, CA

Description: To brainstorm at the scale of social media, we’re using techniques from an unlikely source: Robotics. Goldberg presents recent results on social innovation and collective brainstorming work with the U.S. State Department, General Motors, and the State of California.

John Maeda

Design in Tech Trends

John Maeda, Global Head, Computational Design and Inclusion, Automattic

Location: Berkeley-Haas School of Business, Berkeley, CA

Description: Maeda offers a special analysis to reveal the impact design has made in Silicon Valley. Published by Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, Maeda examines the intersection of design, business and technology in this report.

Bernie Roth

Problem (Re)Framing

Bernie Roth, Rodney H. Adams Professor of Engineering,
Academic Director, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, Stanford University

Location: SAP Labs, Palo Alto, CA

Description: Author of the Achievement Habit, Roth leads countless students and industry executives on a path to reimagine, and reframe, their problems, both personally and professionally. In this session, we will experience first-hand the power of looking at problems – and respective solutions – in a new light.


Taking Innovative Ideas to the Corner Office

Featuring a Discussion with:
Marc Singer, Director, McKinsey & Co
John Edson, LUNAR Partner

And a related Research Spotlight:

Is it Better to Fit In or Stand Out at Work?

Sameer Srivastava, Harold Furst Chair in Management Philosophy and Values, Berkeley-Haas School of Business

Location: LUNAR, San Francisco, CA

Description: We’ve learned that the articulation of human-centered design work is not necessarily congruous with the language CEOs are accustomed to hearing and this session is meant to understand how innovationists may become better equipped at communicating with their c-level colleagues. Additionally, we will hear groundbreaking research on what it means to ‘stand out’ or ‘fit in’ within your organization’s culture.

See related publication here:


Enabling Discovery

Featuring Berkeley-Haas in Collaboration with IDEO

Location: IDEO, Palo Alto, CA

Description: This session is about enabling discovery, including new ways of working together, and new trends that will impact your organization. IDEO will present their Co-Lab initiative, a new mode of collaboration incorporating the design firm, industry, and academic partners. Berkeley-Haas is going to lead participants in an exercise in which they will identify some trends – could be digital, bitcoin, mobile health – that they will then focus on more deeply at the annual member’s Conference in Napa, CA.

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