Why Haas@Work?


Our approach to student project work differs substantially from traditional generic MBA “Field Study” courses. We focus specifically on solving ambiguous and open ended issues, using contemporary strategic innovation and design thinking tools and frameworks emphasizing insight development, divergent thinking, creative problem solving, rapid iteration, and experimentation.  Students work closely with your team throughout engagements, and the work is heavily curated by faculty.

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Benefits for you

  • A fresh approach to solving tough issues, from an unbiased team of talented MBA students with diverse skills, knowledge, and work experience.
  • Rapid and tangible results.
  • Exposure to the latest innovation tools, techniques, theories, skills, and research from the Haas School of Business.
  • A close working relationship with MBA students who have the potential to become future employees, and a stronger relationship with the Haas School of Business and UC Berkeley.

Benefits for students

  • Enriches the learning experience for Haas MBA students by providing an opportunity to bridge the gap between business theory and practice.
  • Allows students to demonstrate their skills while learning what it takes to execute innovation and change in a real business environment.
  • Provides students with access to (and experience working with) potential employers.
  • Strengthens the Haas School’s ties with the corporate community.

The Haas@Work program draws on talented and diverse Master’s degree students from the Full-time and Evening & Weekend MBA programs at the Haas School of Business and other areas of UC Berkeley as needed, including the School of Information, and the School of Public Health.

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