Applied Innovation Course

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The Haas@Work Applied Innovation course is a unique experiential learning class that offers MBA students at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley an opportunity to work with a select group of companies to address significant business innovation challenges.

During each term’s projects, groups of 10-15 students develop innovative recommendations to address a competitive challenge posed by the sponsor company. Students follow a proven innovation methodology, which includes insight development, concept generation, business modeling, and pilot/experimentation design.

Students work closely with company executives during all phases of the work, via in person sessions at Haas, workshops and meeting at the Client, videoconferences, and phone check-ins. The strongest ideas are added to the client’s business roadmap for implementation, often with the help of some of the students from the course.

Benefits for Students

Even the most dominant industry-leading firms must constantly innovate. Managers and executives who can drive change are crucial to the long-term success of these firms. By working with prominent business clients on current innovation challenges, the Haas@Work applied innovation students gain real world experience; apply the tools they develop at Haas towards uncovering new business opportunities, and gain a better understanding of the management skills and personal attributes necessary to be effective agents of change in larger organizations.

The clients gain a fresh perspective on a key business issue, in depth insights and recommendations, and benefit from the collective energy of a class dedicated entirely to propelling their business forward.

The program provides students with high-level exposure to client executive teams, and an inside look at the innovation process. Using the tools and strategic framework developed in the course, they will have an opportunity to demonstrate to the business community why Haas-Berkeley students make the school one of the top business programs in the world.

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to apply this innovation framework to any future challenges you face, either as a consultant or in leading change within your organization.

Please enjoy our 5-minute introductory video about the applied innovation course:

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