Applied Data Analytics Project Course

Please click here to watch our 5-minute introductory video about the applied data analytics course.

A recent Accenture and GE study found that almost 90 percent of companies list Big Data analytics as one of their top priorities, and believe that Big Data analytics will shift the competitive landscape within the next three years.  But effective use of data analytics as a strategic and decision making tool requires collaboration with technical resources and data scientists, decision making under uncertainty, divergent thinking, and the ability to use data to tell a compelling story. The Applied Data Analytics Project Course will help prepare you to identify opportunities to apply data driven innovation and decision making, leverage and manage analytics projects, and develop “big data” driven client solutions as a consultant.

Students from Haas and the UC School of Information will work in teams with Accenture’s big data group to take on a data-driven team project, focused on solving a challenging real-world issue for one of Accenture’s clients.

UC Berkeley is synonymous with “Big Data” leadership, having coined the term ‘Big Data’ in 2000. Accenture’s Analytics group delivers insight-driven outcomes to help organizations improve their performance, with deep industry, functional, business process and technical experience. By partnering, we are offering students a unique hands-on experience at the leading edge of the data analytics curve.

The course runs for a full semester (15 weeks).  While not a technical course, we do require that students have completed at least one basic data course (e.g. Data Science and Data Strategy for Haas students…  Databases, Visualization, or Data Mining or the equivalent for I-School  students.)  Equivalent work experience or prior background may also be accepted.  Please contact the Haas@Work program office for further details.

Please enjoy our 5-minute introductory video about the applied data analytics course:

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