Q. Who is eligible to participate?

A. Full-time 1st year spring semester and 2nd year MBAs and 2nd and 3rd year Evening-Weekend MBAs are eligible for the program. Depending on the nature of the project, we also recruit students from other UC Berkeley programs.

Q. When is MBA 290H offered?

A. The course is offered during both the fall and spring semesters.

Q. How are sponsor companies chosen for the program?

A. The Haas@Work team recruits and screens year-round for sponsor companies. Target companies are selected based on feedback from students as well as the nature of the challenge and client commitment level. Student suggestions are welcome.

Q. What is the expected time commitment for participating in the Haas@Work applied innovation course?

A. On average, students are expected to spend 8 hours per week in addition to the scheduled course time performing research and meeting with their teams. In addition, students are required to attend additional client meetings as scheduled.

Q. How are students selected for each client?

A. Prior to the start of the term, students are emailed a survey so they can express their interest in the available projects/clients. Additionally, this survey is used to identify what skills each student possesses that might be useful to the company challenge. It also screens each student to make sure s/he will not face any conflict of interest issues with the clients and his/her current employer. Students will be given one of their top two choices.

Q. Do I receive class credit for participating in the Haas@Work applied innovation course?

A. Yes. Students receive three units for participating in the course. The course fulfills the BILD elective requirement.

Q. Will I receive a grade for the course? If so, what is it based on?

A. Yes, participants receive a grade for the course based on participation, client deliverables, team feedback, and project performance.

Q. How are the scope and deliverables for the project determined?

A. The Haas@Work team works with the client to develop a detailed project description, and statement of work. The students are responsible for working with the client to create a workplan based on the overall scope, schedule, and deliverables.

Q. Does the team have a set weekly work schedule? How often will the team meet?

A. The class meets three hours each week at Haas. In addition, students are required to attend team and client meetings as needed.

Q. How often will the team interact with the client? Will the team be working on-site?

A. It depends on the scope of the project and the type of deliverables the team will be producing. We expect there to be a minimum of three formal on-site project deliverable meetings (with the client sponsor team) during the project as well as a Final Presentation at the end of the project at the client headquarters. Clients will also visit Haas at key points in the project. In addition, the teams will have regular check-in calls with their assigned client liaison. Other meetings may include data gathering, employee interviews, product demos, and/or meetings with 3rd parties.

Q. How big are the teams for this class?

A. The teams for this class will be made up of 10-15 students which will be made up of full-time MBA’s, evening/weekend MBA’s and some students from other schools within UC Berkeley. We recognize this may seem like an unruly number, but generally the work is done in smaller sub-groups of 2-3 people that rotate as the class moves along.

Q. Are there student “project managers” for the teams? How can I become a project manager?

A. Yes, we do choose project managers from the student teams to manage the projects. Students have an opportunity to express interest in the job in the beginning of class, and then will be interviewed by his/her faculty coach. Generally, project managers are chosen by the third class session.

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